WrldCraft launch date set to June 28

The massively multiplayer augmented reality game half sandbox and half old fashioned 8bit RPG to be released this friday.

Carlentini, Italy – June 26, 2019
Get ready to cover the entire world with blocks. Prepare your pickaxe, put comfortable shoes and sharpen your sword because on June 28 the adventure starts with a global massive gold rush.

the map

WrldCraft is an augmented reality location based sandbox and adventure game where the player chooses if just have fun building structures all around the world sharing them with friends or gain XP and coins mining gold or accepting the King’s quests.

For the launch gold and golden veins are being spread all around the Earth and the players have to dig to find it. Like the real gold it is in the same point for everyone and once dug it is gone forever, so be fast! Pre-registered players and first week players will have more chances to find gold or relics on the map.

Players can download for free (or pre-register in the case isn’t still available in that region) it from the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for ARCore supported Android devices.

Here some examples of what the player can do with WrldCraft:
* Build persistent geolocated structures, for ever.
* Cover the entire Earth with blocks and structures, connected each other.
* Continue at home what you started outdoor, others will see in realtime the changes.
* Quests
* Fight monsters
* Build outside public construction or make your private world on your table shared with friends only.
* Multiplayer or single player fun.
* Dig in the terrain to find gold, manufacts or relics
* Share your creations with friends
* For the launch date… gold rush!

WrldCraft development took nine months and it is build on the top of the latest AR technologies such as ARCore and ARKit with cross device persistent and shared augmentented reality experiences so, for example, the player can build full scale structures in a place side by side with friends and other players can visit and extend it later.

To stay update on WrldCraft, please visit www.wrldcraft.com to receive the last informations about the game, and follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About Running Pixel
Running Pixel is an Italy based one man army indie development studio backed up by Alfio Lo Castro, a game developer and game designer with years of experience and an insane passion for mixed and augmented reality, voxels, RPGs and game development.


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