All About WrldCraft

WrldCraft is the first, huge, massively multiplayer, full scale augmented reality, geolocated, persistent, voxel made, cloud based, sandbox and exploration game made with love by an one man army for ARkit and ARcore powered iOS and Android mobile phones.

WRLDCRAFT is more than a game, WrldCraft is an AR geolocated platform with infinite possibilities and the entire Earth as playground.

Build full scale structures around the world, other people can visit them and help you building bigger castles if you want. Play with friends with all the included games blocks, explore and dig to discover cool stuffs!

All the things you build in the real world will remain forever in that place and under your control.

Did you know?
Structures can be connected each other for miles seamlessly, so you start from a point, your friends starts from a point miles away and meet in the middle.  You could even rebuild the Great Wall in another place of the world if you and your mates have anough time!

WRLDCRAFT is free to play.

WrldCraft was announced last year, in October 2018, and was released in public open beta in March 2019, months before M***craft Earth was announced (May 2019) and was from the beginning much more than M***craft in AR.
Besides it is different, it was innovative and unique at launch, it was announced and launched months before M***craft Earth and it’s following its own path, everyone is seeing it as a M***craft Earth clone and it is being ignored by the press and in the best case not featured by the stores.

As said before, Wrldcraft was announced and released to the public months before MCE. Being a very ambitious project backed up by a single developer the blocky aspect was a technical choice as it permits me to subdivide the entire Earth in manageable half meters cubed blocks connected each other seamlessy. All the rest is a consequence.



  • MMORPG, fight in AR, loot, beat big bosses, solve puzzles, save the princess. In  the real world.
  • SOCIAL, vote for the best structure or street art around the world
  • ECONOMY, sell or buy land. Become a landlord.
  • BATTLE ROYAL, well, you know…

WRLDCRAFT is live on the stores for free!



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Big Android update!

From today there is a new relese (1.800) of WrldCraft for Android devices on PlayStore (link).This includes all the updates included in the latest months for iOS (live on the AppStore) and a bonus game. Check it out!!

Dinosaurs in Update 1.202!

News news news!Latest update (1.202) contains lots of optimizations, fixes, new blocks and introduces for the first time in this game low poly trees, vegetation, props and… full scale animated dinosaurs!!I hope you like the direction the game is taking!