WrldCraft is the first, huge, massively multiplayer, full scale augmented reality, geolocated, persistent, voxel based, cloud based, sandbox and exploration game made with love by an one man army (and with no budget) for ARkit and ARcore powered iOS and Android mobile phones. Looks cool? yeah! Sounds complicate? It isn’t. It is something between Minecraft, Pokemon Go and Second Life with all the power of a open world MMORPG and the freedom of a sandbox game. Craft full scale structures around the world, other people can visit them and help you building bigger castles if you want. Play with friends with all the included games blocks, explore and dig to discover cool stuffs! All the things you build in the real world will remain forever in that place and under your control. Did you know? Structures can be connected each other for miles seamlessly, so you start from a point, your friends starts from a point miles away and meet in the middle.  You could even rebuild the Great Wall in another place of the world if you and your mates have anough time! WRLDCRAFT is free to play.   COMING SOON FEATURES:

  • MMORPG, fight in AR, loot, beat big bosses, solve puzzles, save the princess. In  the real world.
  • SOCIAL, vote for the best structure or street art around the world
  • ECONOMY, sell or buy land. Become a landlord.



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