WRLDCRAFT – open beta starts today

WRLDCRAFT, the massive multiplayer, world scale, augmented reality, persistent and geolocated sandbox and exploration game for ARKit and ARCore enabled devices is from today, after several months of development and closed tests, a worldwide open beta and invites everyone to try the game for free getting a copy for iOS and Android on the AppStore and the PlayStore frome here:


The game has all the core features enabled and will give the chance to the beta player to build around the world, finding again what they had build in exactly the same place, claim unlimited plots of land for free  and getting other player and friends contributing to their buildings side by side, later or from home on the couch.

WRLDCRAFT goal is turning the world in a democratic, community driven and open sandbox world where everyone can express itself. In a few words: ‘reshape the world’. WRLDCRAFT wants make it persistent and anchored to the reality. Imagine going to Piazza di Spagna in Rome or Central Park in New York and see what people is building in that place. It is like another, alternative, reality.” (Alfio Lo Castro – RunningPixel)


for more information http://www.wrldcraft.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pcuHDD8qIQ

Twitter: @runningpixel @wrldcraft