All About WrldCraft

WrldCraft is the first, huge, massively multiplayer, full scale augmented reality, geolocated, persistent, voxel based, cloud based, sandbox and exploration game made with love by an one man army (and with no budget) for ARkit and ARcore powered iOS and Android mobile phones.
Looks cool? yeah!
Looks complicated? It isn’t. It is something between Minecraft, PokemonGo and Second Life with all the power of a open world MMORPG and the freedom of a sandbox game.

WRLDCRAFT is actually in openbeta stage. check it out!




From the build 0.920 WRLDCRAFT supports bows, arrows and target. This is a nice addition to the game and will let the player familiarize with archery. This release supports single player (the target block will be spawned into the real world and is persistent for other users as usul) but you can’t see othe player …


Adding MMO RPG elements to WRLDCRAFT, the first worldwide quest is inspired to the great BrowserQuest browser game! You’ll find this in one of the next open beta updates. Stay Tuned!  

Open Beta stage (hooray!)

WRLDCRAFT is ready for an important step, the OPEN BETA stage! This means that everyone can test from now on this game giving suggestions, feedback and helping me in catching bugs and bottlenecks. Grab your copy right now: Android: iOS: Please fell free to share these links with everyone. The more test, the …